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September 22, 2012

Torn and Frayed Part 1

Put simply: music matters a great deal at Big Star. Our record player crapped out once, and we just about died. We've been stockpiling stacks of badass country, blues and roots rock, and we always dig for rare cuts and lesser heard classics. We want to start sharing those with you. The cuts here are referenced from vinyl we play at work, and if you like what you hear, we hope you treasure-hunt and find a copy! "Smokies" is a cut off Barefoot Jerry's 1971 album, Southern Delight. Everyone in Barefoot Jerry cut their studio and live teeth in a number of legendary Southern rock and country sessions, far too numerous to list here. Leader Wayne Moss's musical legacy (Blonde on Blonde!) is enough to teach a class on. Gorgeous country harmonies, a swinging boogie vibe and subtle hippie imagery. Perfect. This is not a hard find, and the whole record smokes. 



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