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September 24, 2012


A few times a year, a group of us heads down to Kentucky to check out the history and production methods of America's finest spirit. (We occasionally drink some of it, too. In moderation). It's always a great time, the distilleries we work with are more than hospitable to us, and we love Lousiville more each time we go down. Here are a few shots of our most recent trip. 

The Weller line are some of our favorite wheated whiskies. And if you've been to the bar on Thursdays and gotten a shot special, you have ingested some of the fantastic Weller Special Reserve.

 An experimental pot / column hybrid still at the Bufflao Trace Distillery. We could explain what all these things do, but that would require a lot of science. Just marvel at how cool that thing is. 

Speaking of cool stills, check out Willett's patented pot still! Only one like it in existence. And for fans of the Willett Pot Still Bourbon, you'll recognize that they modeled the distinctive bottle shape after this lil' guy. 

Sampling bourbon straight out of the barrel. When we do our barrel selections, the stick a whiskey thief (essentially a giant copper straw) straight into the barrel, pull a little out, bits of char and all, and put it straight into tasting glasses. Safe to say that this is the best part of our day. 

Ever wondered what an abandoned distillery looks like? This was the Old Taylor Distillery, founded by EH Taylor, one of the most important figures in the hisotry of bourbon. It's technically illegal to go on the grounds.....so we of course OBEYED THE LAW AND STAYED OUT. (But sources tell us that the broekn down beauty and magnitude of this place is unbelieveable). 


Stay tuned for more whiskey adventures. 


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